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Karin Meissl(1)

“Klangsalat” – Exciting sounds in the children’s room – for children aged 6-8
Four drummers, eight hands, and all sorts of strange sounds

It’s all happening down in the children’s room. Listen: the beat of the drum, the ripple of the rainstick, the sound of the xylophone. And even when it’s time to tidy up, you can still hear rattling and tinkling coming from every corner!

This is a chance for children to take part in a percussion concert. The session provides an entertaining and memorable sound-making experience for kids. Ideal for all those who want to get to grips with the rapid rhythms, surprising sounds and numerous noises of the percussion family.

Recommended for children in the first two years of primary school

Tickets: Children €5. Free admission for accompanying adults.

  • Concept, moderation, percussion: Karin Meissl
  • Percussion: Leonhard Königseder
  • Percussion: Sebastian Riener
  • Percussion: Leonhard Waltersdorfer