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Heilwig Pfanzelter Heilwig Pfanzelter Still war die Nacht... Foto: Petra Benovsky

Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime)
Still war die Nacht / Heilwig Pfanzelter (in German)

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When Heilwig Pfanzelter recites Christmas stories, she creates a spellbinding, magical world. No-one has ever heard these wonderful tales told in such a way. Her uplifting stories touch the listener’s heart.

The SterneEnsemble (Katharina Hofbauer, vocals and harp; Alexander Lackner, bass; and Otmar Binder, vocals and piano) provide a musical contribution to this hour of reflection.

  • Recitation: Heilwig Pfanzelter
  • Vocals and harp: Katharina Hofbauer
  • Bass: Alexander Lackner
  • Vocals and piano: Otmar Binder