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Dismantling borders – building bridges

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It seems as if art was designed to draw borders – between classical and jazz, ethno and pop, young and old, the traditional and

the modern, teachers and pupils, and dreams and reality. But ultimately, art builds bridges between these seeming opposites, all of which lead to one and the same end.

Culture is that which man creates and shapes by himself, be it music, art, or nurturing traditions. To enable those interested in culture, especially senior citizens, to take part in lunchtime musical performances, Drs Alwin and Helma Westerhof founded KULTURMITTAG in 1989 as a non-profit association.
One of the association’s key objectives is to promote and present artists. This includes the young and gifted, but also artists who are less well known, as well as contemporary composers. Closer personal contact between the artists and their audience is encouraged, and it is fostered by coming together socially after the performances.

Tickets: €15 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts: €58), box seats €23
Senior citizens €12 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts: €46)
Young people and wheelchair users €7 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts:€26)

  • presentation and piano: Marialena Fernandes
  • percussion: Jakob Mittermeier
  • double bass: Anna Mittermeier
  • guitar: Stella Maria Schletterer