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Trumpets in Concert – Bernstein meets Vivaldi

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Trumpets in Concert offers a harmonous combination of artistic brilliance and social event. Fine music and sensitivity are blended with congeniality. A concert to make you smile! Trumpets: Leonhard Leeb, Gernot Kahofer and Manuel Lichtenwöhrer / Percussion: Thomas Mair / Organl/ piano: Bernhard Macheiner Tickets: €15 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts: €58), box office €23 Senior citizens €12 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts:€46) Young people and wheelchair users €7 (Kulturmittag series ticket, four concerts:€26)

  • organ/ piano: Bernhard Macheiner
  • percussion: Thomas Mair
  • trumpet: Manuel Lichtenwöhrer
  • trumpet: Leonhard Leeb
  • trumpet: Gernot Kahofer