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* abgespielt

A seven-piece ensemble which is redefining brass music. Federspiel have a level of ability that borders on the scary. There is a beguiling, youthful freshness in their playing, their arrangements and their appearance.
Creativity, spontaneity and wit are the chief characteristics of this brass ensemble and its members. It was back in 2004 when seven young musicians, all studying at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna or the Konservatorium Wien University, came together to form Federspiel. Their concerts focus on folk music from Austria, its neighbouring countries and beyond. They arrange melodies, improvise on them and then let them ring out afresh in their own totally unique sound – always served up with a shot of ironic good humour…

Tickets: €15 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €87), box seats: €23
Senior citizens €12 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €69)
Young people and wheelchair users: €7 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €40)