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Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime)
Bassgeflüster (Bass whispers – German language)

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“Where you aren’t – that’s where happiness is.”

A musical reading with Katharina Stemberger (acting), Christoph Wimmer (double bass) und Veronika Trisko (piano), arranged by Katja Lehmann

Hannah, who is rather unsociable, has been invited to an evening meal. While her friends argue about vocation and profession and the improbability of happiness beyond contentedness and success, she indulges herself in her favourite game: “I focus on the sound. I train my perception. If you do this for long enough, music starts to emerge.”
The music intertwines with the cultivated table talk, takes itself and the audience away from the situation, and continues the evening’s key themes – friendship and happiness – on another level. And when, late in the evening, rips start to appear in the harmonious facade of the company at the table, Hannah declares her love for the double bass.
Christoph Wimmer’s playing on the double bass lures Hannah and the listeners into the strange worlds and the familiarity of Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Giovanni Bottesini and Giochiano Rossini. The evening takes on the beauty and individuality of this instrument, which many music-lovers only know as the shadowy figure that provides the “rumble” in an orchestra’s sound.

Tickets: €15 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €87), box seats €23
Senior citizens €12 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €69)
Young people and wheelchair users €7 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €40)

  • Katharina Stemberger
  • Double bass: Christoph Wimmer
  • Piano: Veronika Trisko