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Foto: M. Csoklich

Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) – Danzas Españolas
The Swete – Schwarz guitar duo

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Renowned soloists Alexander Swete and Martin Schwarz perform guitar music in the finest Spanish tradition. After opening with Luigi Boccherini’s famous Fandango, the next composer we hear is Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, who was inspired to write numerous compositions for guitar by the virtuoso Andrés Segovia.
When played on guitar, the music of Enrique Granados and Isaac Albéniz often sounds more authentic to the ear than the piano original – an excellent reason to present two of their finest pieces here. The concert closes with that “gran maestro” of Spanish musical culture, Manuel de Falla.
Culture is that which man produces from his own design, whether it’s music, art or simply maintaining old traditions. The Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) friendly society was founded in 1989 by Drs Alwin and Helma Westerhof. Its purpose is to enable those with an interest in culture, especially senior citizens, to share in lunchtime musical performances. One of the society’s key objectives is to promote and present artists who are young and gifted but not yet well-known. The society also promotes and encourages increased personal contact between artists and their audience in post-performance social get-togethers. Dr Leonhard Leeb, Artistic Director and Chairman of the Kulturmittag Society, has assembled an entertaining programme for your enjoyment.
Tickets: €16 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €150), balcony €16, box seats €24
Senior citizens: €13 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €120)
Children and young people, wheelchair users: €8 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €70)