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Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime)

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Culture is that which man produces from his own design, whether it’s music, art or simply maintaining old traditions. The KULTURMITTAG friendly society was founded in 1989 by Drs Alwin and Helma Westerhof. Its purpose is to enable those with an interest in culture, especially senior citizens, to share in lunchtime musical performances.

“Transalpin” is the name Alma have given to their latest musical peregrinations, which trace a route from South Tyrol to Scandinavia, Morroco to Dachstein, and London to the Traisental. The accordion puffs and pants, the double bass booms, and the overlapping lines of the three violins trace spirals in the air; like plumes of mist climbing up from the valley floor, and turning into clouds above.

Tickets: €16 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €150), balcony €16, box seats €24
Senior citizens: €13 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €120)
Children and young people, wheelchair users: €8 (subscription ticket, ten concerts: €70)