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Die Duetten_c_Birgit Machtinger Die Duetten_c_Birgit Machtinger

Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) Für Hugo (For Hugo)
Laugh, sing and swing along to “dialect chanson” with the Duetten.

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Laugh, sing and swing along to “dialect chanson” with the Duetten.

“If you can laugh at yourself and make mistakes from time to time, then you’re a lucky person” say the Duetten. Isabel Gaber (from Burgenland) and Michaela Khom (from Styria) are the powerful voices who together comprise the Duetten. For the past five years they have been delighting audiences of all ages with their music, which they themselves have styled “dialect chanson”.
Why? The Duetten draw joy and inspiration from everyday events. They look at things critically, but always with a good dollop of humour and self-deprecating irony. Their programme “Für Hugo” is charmingly crafted, and guaranteed to get the audience laughing, singing and swinging along with them. Supported by Bernhard Macheiner at the piano and Alexander Meller on double bass, the Duetten are proud to declare “War on perfection”. They dedicate their songs to all who lack courage, to their favourite snacks, to life, to love, to all those people who are truly amazing, and to all those people who still want to be truly amazing …

Tickets: €16; box seats €24; senior citizens €13; children, young people and wheelchair users €8

  • Music: Die Duetten
  • Vocals: Isabel Gaber
  • Vocals: Michaela Khom
  • Piano: Bernhard Macheiner
  • Double bass: Alexander Meller