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Gitarrissima Gitarrissima / Foto credit: Julia Wesely

Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) – Gitarrissima
The sounds of the world, the world of sound

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Gitarrissima are five young guitarists from Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Japan and Austria. Their sensitive interpretations, their virtuosity and the delicacy of their ensemble playing has bewitched a steadily growing international audience. The programme leaps in exhilarating fashion between popular classics, lyrical songs from Japan and Israel, and fiery, rhythmic pieces from Africa, Hungary and the Balkans.

Tickets: €16; balcony €16; box seats €24; senior citizens €13

  • Soprano guitar: Olga Dimitrova
  • Classical guitar: Réka Mihalovics
  • Classical guitar: Antonina Ovchinnokova
  • Classical guitar: Ayako Kaisho
  • Bass guitar: Emily Smejkal