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Spirit Voices

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An enthusiasm for singing and a love of vocal music brought together a group of friends and inspired them to form the vocal ensemble Spirit Voices. This promises to be an interesting concert, with a programme which includes sacred and secular music as well as folk songs old and new. In addition to their own concerts in Vienna Neustadt, the group, which was founded in 1999, has been invited to perform both at home and abroad. The ensemble has a number of notable achievements: appearances at the Vienna Hofburg, the Liszt Centre at Raiding in Burgenland, and Schloss Rothschild in Reichenau an der Rax; participating in national and international festivals and competitions such as “Österreich singt”; benefit concerts and performances in the “Langen Nacht der Kirchen” in Vienna’s St Stephen’s Cathedral; engagements in Tuscany, Belgium and Kiel; and two CD recordings to date. In all their concert performances and at countless events of every shape and form, the ensemble has always remained true to their mission: putting their heart and soul into every style of music. Their wide range of ambitious musical numbers, effective stage sets, imaginative staging, varied choreography and witty presentation make every appearance by this ensemble a real pleasure. Tickets: €15 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €87), box seats: Senior citizens €12 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €69); young people and wheelchair users: €7 (Kulturmittag subscription ticket, six concerts: €40)