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Premiere performance

* abgespielt

concept, voice & drums: Hans Heisz moog guitar: Andreas Koch trumpet & trombone: Christof Spanring bass & vocals: Georg: “Guru” Hübner

Lattoo decided to find out if the Latin world had more to offer than popes, the biological names of animal parts, and monks singing chorales. To aid them in this task, the four musicians made use of equipment such as drums, trombone, moog guitar and bass. And they learned a few texts from Horace. Then, lo and behold: a mighty sound rose up out of the dust of millennia. There were, finally, no more 4/4 or similar beats – instead there were rhythms like the Sapphic stanza, the Ionic decameter, and the asclepiadeus minor. There was the sound of the language: clear, mystic and powerful at the same time. There were texts such as Carpe Diem, Virgil, Faunus and Maecenas And there was Latin itself, this tattoo found under the skin of so many languages, converted into the music of today.

Free admission