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The Flying Schnörtzenbrekkers/Ivica Strauss, Foto: © Julia Wesely AUSTRIA/Ivica Strauss © Julia Wesely - bei jeglicher Veröffentlichung wird um Nennung der Bildautorin gebeten!

Leaving the best ‘til last: The Flying Schnörtzenbrekkers
A new show about Ivica Strauss; extracts from the life of the man history forgot (with ample justification)

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And, to bring the year to a close: some shocking facts! Gürtler/Huber/Breinschmid uncover the real truth. Many world-famous Strauss melodies actually originated with Ivica, the unloved scion of the great Strauss family, who was cast out and sent into exile in Montenegro. Despite his unfortunate fate and an inauspicious liaison with scrawny Turkish dancer Hüften Schwüngür, universally known as “Sophia the scarecrow”, Ivica Strauss can be considered one of the true masters of feel-good music. Works such as the waltz “Rosen aus dem Sudan“ and the operetta “Die Ledermaus” bear the unmistakeable mark of his hand.
The night before the New Year’s Eve concert, when the cultural elite worship the wrinkle-free, sanitised image of those vain brothers Johann, Josef and Eduard, The Flying Schnörtzenbrekkers will attempt a high-risk manoeuvre, one unprecedented in the history of art. Finally, for once and for all, they will formally consign this totally average musician — long since forgotten (and with every justification), yet still inexplicably rated by many as a gifted composer — to the dark vaults of musical history.
Come along and join us as we glide towards the New Year with a glass of champagne in hand (please bring your own) in the company of Ivica Strauss, that likeable loser!
Tickets: Band A €55/ B €50/ C €45; box seats €65

  • Double bass, vocals, composition: Georg Breinschmid
  • Violin, vocals, composition: Sebastian Gürtler
  • Accordion, vocals, composition: Tommaso Huber