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Leopold Altenburg mit seinen Urgroßeltern, Fotocredit: Stefan Ludwig

Leopold Altenburg: Der Kaiser und sein Sonnenschein
Readings, songs and stories (German language)

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The curtain rises on the great-grandson of Kaiser Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth, aka “Sissi”: Leopold Altenburg is a writer, actor and clown. Performing in the MuTh Atelier, he reads from his latest book, impersonates his relations (in a remarkable range of voices), sings, tells stories, and confounds the audience with a clown routine.

Tickets: €18; MuTh Club Students, children and young people: €12

Extracts from “Der Kaiser und sein Sonnenschein“ (Goldegg-Verlag), plus songs and stories

  • Readings, stories, and songs: Leopold Altenburg