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Life in Outer Space
… a musical journey through the galaxy/ Vienna Boys' Choir Primary School

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By Gerhard A. Meyer Adapted by Arnold Schlechter and Ursula Müller Billions of years ago, before there were any people, there was still plenty happening in outer space. Comets hurtled towards each other, planets vied for supremacy, the sun tried to burn everything up, and a cheeky group of shooting stars hardly cared about anything at all. And there was also the evil Black Hole. …When the crystal ball, which allowed you to see into the future, was stolen from the evil Black Hole, all the planets got together in the Heavenly Cow café and came up with a plan … Climb aboard our time machine, and come with us on our journey through the galaxy. Tickets: €15/13/11; box seats €25; children and young people €9/7/5