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Life, love and death
Concert by the Wiener Lehrer a Cappella Choir

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The Wiener Lehrer a Cappella Choir, founded in 1912, has performed countless concerts with great success, achieving widespread recognition both at home and abroad. Since 2014 the choir’s artistic direction has lain in the hands of Maximilian Opll, whose main objective is to develop the choir in the a cappella discipline without totally relinquishing its tradition of performing in a large concert setting.

A wide-ranging programme is promised, with works stretching from the early baroque to the modern. Two motets for double choir from the pen of Johann Sebastian Bach plunge us into the baroque world of our own demise; and in Brahms’ “Schicksalslied” (Song of Destiny) we find a Romantic treatment of personal mortality. The Choir uses various formations and a diverse repertoire of songs from stage musicals and the pop world to reveal the many facets of love and of life. This choral concert offers plenty to entertain the listener, together with moments for pause and reflection.

Tickets: Band A €30/ B €25/ C €20; box seats €38

  • Maximilian Opll
  • Naoko Hamamoto
  • Maximilian Opll
  • Julia Schreyvogel