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Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
Some not entirely serious reflections on this, the quietest period of the year

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The celebrated actor and theatre director Bernd Jeschek and prize-winning bass clarinettist and composer Ulrich Drechsler – two of the most important figures in their respective fields – come together to reflect on this, the quietest time of the year.
In his own inimitable style, Bernd Jeschek reads a selection of Christmas texts – some ironic, some merry and some gripping – by Robert Gernhardt, Fritz Egger, Heinrich Heine and others, describing how, every year, we picture Christmas as we want it to be, and how every year, it actually turns out: noisy, fast-paced, stressful, and full of strange experiences and encounters.
Ulrich Drechsler’s improvisation and compositions provide the musical framework. Playing a strikingly large bass clarinet and the seldom-heard basset horn, he offers a gentle commentary, creating subtle links between the readings and surrounding the listener with a soft cloud of sound.

Together, Bernd Jeschek and Ulrich Drechsler hold a humorous, intimate conversation about Christmas: sometimes serious, sometimes less so, they ease the listener into the frame of mind for this, the quietest time of year.

Tickets: € 24; children and young people: € 12

  • Ulrich Drechsler
  • Bernd Jeschek