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Love and transience
The Vienna Chamber Choir performs an a cappella concert of works by Mahler, Brahms, Bruckner and Wagner

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In this a-cappella production, the Vienna Chamber Choir interpret the musical language of some of the great masters and visionaries of the Romantic and Late Romantic periods. They present the audience with a fascinating selection of paintings in sound, portraying different aspects of love and transience.
Works by Brahms, Wagner, Bruckner and Verdi are contrasted with some outstanding – and highly ambitious – transcriptions by the legendary Clytus Gottwald, and “Four Paraphrases” by Herwig Reiter. These are pieces which always maintain their hold on the audience; they provide an absolutely unforgettable listening experience which is intensified by directional sound effects, created by having the sounds of the choir surround the audience.

Premiere of Four Paraphrases by H. Reiter

Tickets: 20 €/ pre-booked 18 €; Young persons 10 €/ pre-booked 9 €