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Marc Aurel Quartet
Haydn, Shostakovitch and Beethoven

* abgespielt

Energetic, versatile and engaging The Marc Aurel Quartet was formed in summer 2016, and is now one of Austria’s foremost emerging ensembles. The quartet demonstrates exceptional ensemble playing and rhythmic precision. The players draw an enormous range of expression out of their sixteen strings. Tonight they present their new line-up for the very first time, to a wider audience of Viennese concertgoers. The programme for their performance at MuTh includes works by Haydn, Shostakovich and Beethoven.

Tickets: €30/25/20; children, young people and students* €20/15/9

*Students can get this rate by becoming a member of the MuTh Student Club

  • Violine: Juan Pablo Parra Bedoya
  • Violine: Emil Geber
  • Viola: Stephanie Drach
  • Violoncello: Tristan Feichtner