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Markus Geiselhart Orchestra
Concert featuring music from their CD “My Instrument is the Orchestra”

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The Markus Geiselhart Orchestra (MGO), which was founded by Vienna-based bandleader, composer and arranger Markus Geiselhart, gained a wide audience as the resident band at the Vienna jazz club Porgy & Bess. The MGO’s line-up reads like a “Who’s who” of the Austrian jazz scene and brings together some of the country’s finest jazz musicians. In this concert, Markus Geiselhart performs music from his big band’s debut CD.

Tickets: €30/25/20; children and young people: €15

  • Drums: Mario Lackner
  • Guitar: Martin Koller
  • Bassguitar: Stefan Thaler
  • basstrombone, tuba: Erik Hainzl
  • Conductor: Markus Geiselhart
  • Reed: Clemens Salesny
  • Reed: Thomas Kugi
  • Reed: Romed Hopfgartner
  • Reed: Sophie Hassfurther
  • Reed: Herwig Gradischnig
  • trumpets, flugelhorns: Aneel Soomary
  • trumpets, flugelhorns: Tobias Reisacher
  • trumpets, flugelhorns: Mario Rom
  • trumpets, flugelhorns: German Marstatt
  • trombones, euphoniums: Dominik Stöger
  • trombones, euphoniums: Mario Vavti
  • trombones, euphoniums: Robert Bachner