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Melodrama by Georg Friedrich Benda / with Edita Malovcic / Junge Philharmonie Wien

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Medea — a woman torn between vengeance and love, escape and banishment, a woman who is both healer and murderess. G. F. Benda, a contemporary of Mozart, created a melodrama whose words and music lay bare the passions of this mythical figure. This is followed in the second section of the concert by Schönberg’s Five Pieces for Orchestra, a musical testament to his marriage. This promises to be an exciting evening of music and theatre.

Presented in cooperation with the Arnold Schönberg Center

Melodrama by Georg Friedrich Benda
Wolfgang Amadus Mozart   “Io ti lascio”
Christian Ofenbauer  Bruchstücke IV (Medea fragment)
Arnold Schönberg: Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 16


Melodram von Georg Friedrich Benda
Wolfgang Amadé Mozart   „Io ti lascio“
Christian Ofenbauer  Bruchstücke IV (Medea-Fragment)
Arnold Schönberg  Fünf Orchestertücke op. 16