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Memplex / Golnar & Mahan Trio
Welcome to the fringes in the MuTh

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Memeplex (German: Memplex) is a term with its roots in biology. A memeplex is the socio-cultural counterpart to a gene complex in biology. The quintet that bears this name sees itself as a generator of musical patterns — albeit in an extremely catchy form. Improvisation and composition are co-equals here, and provide a base camp for excursions to the outer fringes of jazz. All of which allows plenty of room for different sounds — playful, weird and funky!

Golnar & Mahan Trio

Multi-instrumental, multi-lingual and multi-cultural: Golnar & Mahan is the very definition of a cosmopolitan band. Strongly influenced by the music of Iran, these musicians have made a speciality of blending jazz with other sounds: elements of oriental folk, polyrhythms with an odd number of beats, and Afro-Cuban music. Golnar Shahyar’s powerful voice combines part-spoken, part-sung tribal vocalisations and scat singing with Tahrir, a particular form of yodelling from the Near East. Mahan Mirarab plays in a funky yet delicate style, teasing hypnotic phrases from his double-necked guitar. The duo deliver a unique and powerful sound, and their compositions and improvisation have redefined the paradigms of World Music and jazz. Golnar & Mahan are joined by the versatile Austrian percussionist Amir Wahba — a combination that promises to break down the barriers and throw wide the gates of musical convention.

  • Band: Memplex
  • Trumpet: Mario Rom
  • Tenor saxophone: Werner Zangerle
  • Piano/Wurlitzer: Philipp Jagschitz
  • Double bass: Walter Singer
  • Drums: Niki Dolp
  • Trio: Golnar & Mahan Trio
  • Guitar & fretless guitar: Mahan Mirarab
  • Vocals, guitar: Golnar Shahyar
  • Percussion: Amir Wahba