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Minetti Quartet in the MuTh

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Arguably, change and transformation (“metamorphoses”) are key elements of any great composition, as a general rule. It took Beethoven a long time before he created a masterpiece with his Opus 18, a work which marked the high point of the First Viennese School and, at the same time, paved the way for what was to follow in the 19th century. Ravel significantly changed the genre’s sound quality and form yet again. In doing so, he found himself confronted by the lack of understanding of his classically-minded contemporaries. Ligeti’s First String Quartet was actually banned at first in the Hungary of its day. A four-note motif (C – D – C# – D#) underpins the entire piece. Through a process of continuous change and transformation, this nucleus develops into a complete and complex cosmos, a universe which embodies a vast range of characters and potential interpretations.

Ludwig van Beethoven: String Quartet in D major, Op. 18 No.3
György Ligeti: String Quartet No. 1, “Métamorphoses Nocturnes”
Maurice Ravel : String Quartet in F major, Op. 35

Tickets: Band A €35/ B €30/ C €25; box seats €45
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9