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Mission ImBRASSible, Fotocredit: Edmund Emge

Mission ImBrassible – Tu felix Austria tube!
Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime)

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Mission ImBrassible – seven brass players, all members of a single family, come together to offer musical musings on the theme of Austria. The family combo is led by tuba player Peter Pacher, whose day job is Director of Staatsoper Wien. They perform mainly Austrian material, such as Lehar’s “Witwe” and Jurek’s ”Deutschmeister Regimental March”.

Music ranging from Lehar’s “Witwe” to Jurek’s ”Deutschmeister Regimental March”, by way of Edelweiss and the Bohemian Forest.

Tickets: €17; box seats €25; senior citizens €14; children, young people and wheelchair users €9

  • Band: Mission ImBrassible