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Moby Dick
An opera for children based on the novel by Henry Melville/ a Vienna Boys Choir project

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Especially for MuTh, the Vienna Boys’ Choir have chosen a whaling story; director Katrin Hiller and designer Stefan Röhrle transform the theatre into the ocean, and the audience is invited to share at close quarters in the fate of Captain Ahab and the crew of the whaling ship Pequod.

This exciting tale was first told around a hundred and fifty years ago, when whale oil was used to power factories and street lights. Whaling was dangerous; voyages often lasted several years, and whales were hunted from small six-man harpoon boats. The harpooner stood up in the bows. From here he threw the harpoon – and he had to hit home. The whale’s five-metre tail was roughly as long as the boat, and a stricken whale could smash a boat with its fluke or drag it along helplessly at speeds of up to 30 km/hr, often for hours at a time. If the whale went below, then the line had to be cut fast, to prevent the boat from going down with it.

This children’s opera tells the well-known story of the revenge-obsessed Captain Ahab and the legendary whale Moby Dick. Ishmael and his friend Queequeg ship aboard the Pequod. Soon it becomes clear that the glowering Captain has just one aim: to slay the famous, the infamous Moby Dick! Will he do it? Or does Moby Dick come out on top? You can experience the story for yourself in MuTh – at first hand. Our brave MuTh audience is asked to help: Ruben Ranzo was a whaler, and you just have to sing along in his sea-shanty! P. S. For persons of a nervous disposition: life jackets are not required …

Ticket prices:

Children and young people up to 18: 20 € / 15 € / 9 €

Adults: 27 € / 24 € / 21 €, box seats: 37 €


  • music: Raoul Gehringer
  • text: Tina Breckwoldt
  • musical director: Manolo Cagnin
  • director: Katrin Hiller
  • set & costume design: Stefan Röhrle