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Familie Alaev Familie Alaev

Modern Jewish sounds – marking 70 years since Israel’s founding
Jom haAtzma‘ut, A reason for joy

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To mark this anniversary, Adam, the international society for promoting arts and culture, presents the Alajev family and other renowned interpreters of modern Israeli music. Along with compositions from the Far East, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, the concert features works by artistic all-rounder Amnon Davidoff.

Israel’s present-day population has its roots in over 100 different countries, and Israeli music is equally diverse and colourful.

Chansons and songs by L. Algazi, M. Zaira, S. Cohen, A. Davidoff

Catalina Paz-Gonzales, Assia Davidov, Irena Weber, Alexey Michaylenko, Michael Babych, Ana Panova, Abuzar Manafzade, Daniel Muck, the Alajev family, and many more.

Tickets: €35/30/25, box seats €45, young people €20/15/9