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Momo, or the Legend of Now
A show based on the novel by Michael Ende, featuring contemporary music, dance and video

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We always try to organise our time as economically and efficiently as possible. Driven by our careers and the pressure to perform and compete, we forget to make time for rest and reflection. This has now become the normal way of life.

Michael Endes’ well-known novel “Momo” tells of this  restlessness: Momo is a girl who battles the Grey Men, who slip unnoticed into people’s lives and steal their time. Time for friends; time for play; time for Doing Nothing.

“Momo oder die Legende vom Jetzt” (Momo, or the legend of Now) interprets this tale in a humorous, fanciful fashion through contemporary music, singing and dance. This production creates a soundscape using classical instrumentation, voices, driving rhythms and the hissing of transistor radios, interweaving it with the text to form a dense dramatic mesh which confronts Michael Endes’ story with the present-day world.

Hannes Dufek’s composition for “Momo oder Die Legende vom Jetzt” won the STELLA12 Performing Arts prize in the “Outstanding Music” category.

Ticket prices:
16 € / 12,50 € / 9 €, Box seats: 26 €


  • overall concept, supervision: Sara Ostertag
  • set & costume design: Christian Schlechter
  • set & costume design: Birgit Kellner
  • composition: Hannes Dufek
  • choreography: Martina Rösler
  • lyrics: Albert Farkas
  • lyrics: Simon Dietersdorfer
  • cast: Katja Göhler
  • cast: Michael Pöllmann
  • cast: Simon Dietersdorfer
  • cast: Michèle Rohrbach
  • cast: David Berbger
  • singer: Lisa Rombach
  • accordion: Bojana Foinidis
  • clarinet: Theresia Schmidinger
  • clarinet: Viola - Jelena Popržan
  • performing rights: Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf GmbH