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Monika Ballwein celebrates The Beatles
A fresh take on Beatles classics

Piano, string quartet, accordion, a rhythm section, video backing vocals – and not a guitar in sight. Austrian-born Monika Ballwein is always on the go. She is not only an energetic singer, but also a much sought-after singing coach. Her soulful renditions of her favourite Beatles hits make you think you’re hearing them for the first time! This exciting multimedia show features revamped harmonies and new arrangements of pop classics, to which her wonderful voice lends a personal touch – a touch that can give you goosebumps. An encyclopaedia of song, spanning the alphabet from “And I love her” to “Yesterday”. Expect nostalgia. Expect to be held spellbound!

Tickets: Band A €38/ B €33/ C €28; box seats €48; Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Vocals: Monika Ballwein
  • Piano: Martin Wöss
  • Bass: Volker Wadauer
  • Drums: Christian Ziegelwanger
  • Percussion: Christian Einheller
  • Accordion: Milos Todorovski
  • First violin: Serkan Gürkan
  • Second violin: Annette Mittendorfer
  • Viola: Lena Fankhauser
  • Cello: Christof Unterberger