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Mozart, Mozart, Mozart
The New Symphony Vienna with Andrea Nikolic, Xin Wang, Florian Koltun and Hafez Babashahi

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In his lifetime, Mozart’s music was “neither attacked nor rejected, but merely shunned” (Alfred Baumgartner). Yet another good reason to hold an evening of Mozart, with virtuoso playing from The New Symphony Orchestra (founded in 2018) and four soloists. Giuseppe Terza takes the conductor’s stand.

The programme includes Wolferl’s last piano concerto (completed in January 1791; the audience has to wait until the third movement to hear the much-loved melody of his famous song, “Komm, lieber Mai”), his heart-warming violin adagio in E major, and his multi-faceted Concerto for Two Pianos, which he wrote for himself and his sister Nannerl.

Tickets: €35/ €24/ €14; box seats €45; Student Club, children and young people: €25/ €15/ €9


  • Orchestra: The New Symphony Vienna
  • Conductor: Giuseppe Terza
  • Violin: Andrea Nikolic
  • Piano: Xin Wang
  • Piano: Florian Koltun
  • Piano: Hafez Babashahi