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MUKtanztjuniors, Fotocredit: Armin Bardel OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

MUK/tanzt/juniors 2019
Young dancers from the Preparatory Course in Dance at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK) present a varied programme

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Young dancers aged from ten to fifteen showcase their skills in a highly varied programme. All of them are students from the MUK’s Preparatory Course in Dance. These diverse performances from “MUK/tanzt/juniors” demonstrate the students’ love of dance and the joy they have found in working together to create the choreography. The event includes pieces from a number of the disciplines taught: classical dance, contemporary dance, historical dance, character dance, acrobatic dance and rhythmic dance. The young students and their teachers woekd together in developing and rehearsing the choreographies.

Tickets: Stalls €18; balcony €14

Student Club, Children and young people,  Senior citizens (aged 60 and over): Stalls €18; balcony €14; wheelchair users €9