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Music for the spirit
Chorus Juventus / Vienna Boys' Choir Sinfonietta / Conductor: Manolo Cagnin

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“Music for the spirit” is really two premieres in one: this is the first time Chorus Juventus and the Vienna Boys’ Choir Sinfonietta have performed together, and also the first time the orchestra has performed alone.
The 57 boys and girls who attend the Vienna Boys’ Choir “Oberstufenrealgymnasium” – the only high school in Austria specialising in vocal music – are aged from 15 to 18.
As well as having their own concert hall, they have their own orchestra too: the members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir Sinfonietta are all students. After a baptism of fire in their highly successful production of “Moby Dick”, today the ensemble plays Symphony No. 5 by Franz Schubert, who was just 19 when he composed the piece.

Francesco Durante, Magnificat in B Major
Franz Schubert, Symphony No. 5 in B Major

Tickets: 25/21/17 €; Box seats 35 €; Children and young people: 20/15/9 €

  • production & conductor: Manolo Cagnin
  • production: Markus Winkler
  • Orchestral Manager: Matthias Eckart