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Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell

Musical fragments — perfection in the unperfected?
Wissen Sie schon...(Did you know)? Sprinzl in the MuTh

For a variety of reasons, some compositions never get finished. A creative crisis may be the cause, but that’s not always the case! That said, isn’t it true that a great deal of hope, perhaps even perfection, can be found within the incomplete? Unfinished pieces by Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Mussorgsky, Mahler and Bruckner are testament to the perfection of the unperfected. As examples, one need only think of Bach’s “Art of the Fugue” or Mozart’s “Requiem”. Worth noting that Mozart left us with an amazing total of 100 musical fragments.

  • Host: Michael Sprinzl