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MuTh Lab #1

MuTh Lab #1 /Session 4
Marko Ferlan / Andrej Prozorov / Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg / Thomas Toppler / Ivan Turkalj / Christian Wendt

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The MuTh Lab is a new format created by MuTh to provide a space for “music without a name” – music which forgoes stylistic boundaries, but still draws on existing musical vocabulary. With this aim in mind, MuTh extends a welcome to musicians who see it as normal to transcend the boundaries of genre and throw themselves into musical adventures.

In November 2020, Marko Ferlan, Andrej Prozorov, Nora Romanoff-Schwarzberg, Thomas Toppler, Ivan Turkalj and Christian Wendt became the first performers to take part in the MuTh Lab. The fourth meeting of these musicians from the very first MuTh Lab had to be postponed. This is now being rectified: this session is being recorded, with everything that emerges from their playing together available on vinyl.

  • Guitar: Marko Ferlan
  • Saxophone: Andrez Projorov
  • Violin: Nora Romanoff
  • Drums: Thomas Toppler
  • Celloa: Ivan Turkalj
  • Double bass: Christian Wendt