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MuTh Lab #6 Thomas Toppler, Foto: Stephan Polzer

MuTh Lab #6 /Session 3
with the Chaos String Quartet and Thomas Toppler

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Let’s Play
Playing, as an activity in its own right, is a real problem for many adults. We are not so keen on playing: we want to understand the serious purpose behind an exercise, or a study, or a piece. In the process, we forget that playfulness lies at the centre of our creativity. Playfulness gives us room to be inquisitive, to take risks, and to look at the notes on the page from a fresh perspective, unshackled by convention.

In ensemble playing, attention is normally focused on the instrument. In this MuTh Lab Session, Thomas Toppler, with the Chaos String Quartet, will use techniques borrowed from the theatre to demonstrate how to achieve closer collaboration when playing in a chamber ensemble setting, and the possibilities for uncovering new vistas in playing music together.

While the theatre is closed, the MuTh Lab offers musicians a test platform to develop their music and to try out new concert formats. Though our live-streaming service, you can drop in on rehearsals and see groups from every musical genre playing on the MuTh stage.