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MuTh Lab #7

MuTh Lab #7 /Session 1
It doesn't have to be "Die Reblaus" every time

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A programme of Viennese traditional music performed in concertante and virtuoso style, but with none of the old favourites — is that really possible? It is indeed,
thanks to Karl and Josef Mikulas. During the interwar years these virtuosic brothers took Viennese folk music as their raw material and used it to forge remarkable bravura pieces. Josef Mikulas was not only Vienna’s finest player of the Schrammelharmonika (a type of button accordion), but also a composer and an arranger.
Many of his works are now forgotten, rather unfairly. This is quite possibly because musicians have found his arrangements extremely challenging- which makes the opportunity to rediscover this music in MuTh Lab #7 all the more exciting!

Together, Monika and Peter Uhler and Maria and Helmut Stippich make up “Bravour Schrammeln” . Furnished with ample quantities of sheet music from the Wiener Volksliedwerk (the Vienna Folk Music Society), plus transcriptions of recordings which were almost lost to posterity, the four players set out to explore the world of Schrammel music. As well as performing pieces of this historic music, the musicians create — live on camera — fresh compositions and arrangements over new texts, including work by Burgtheater actor Robert Reinagl. The effect is to link Vienna’s musical past to its future.
Two violins, contraguitar, Schrammelharmonika, accordion, and piano, together with two voices which express the sheer joy of yodelling in all its traditional and modern styles, combine to infuse a fresh, contemporary feel into Viennese folk music.

  • Band: Bravour Schrammeln
  • Musician: Monika Uhler
  • Musician: Peter Uhler
  • Musician: Maria Stippich
  • Musician: Helmut Stippich