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Liminal Zone, Fotocredit: Daniel Shaked Liminal Zone, Fotocredit: Daniel Shaked

MuTh Lab #9

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CHROME, Ulrich Drechsler’s new quintet, are due to enter the studio at the end of May to record their first album. Prior to that, the award-winning clarinettist and composer leads them onto the MuTh stage in MuTh Lab #9, a dress rehearsal that will allow them to fine-tune their sound and finesse their ensemble playing. Because CHROME is all about pure sound.
This is a project inspired and influenced by neo-classicism and film music. The concept here is of a completely new sound, formed of delicate lines and rhythms; a sound that rises out of total silence, growing gradually into an elegant whole in which every individual note carries a fundamental significance. Music with a dreamlike beauty, reduced to the bare essentials.
Ida Leidl, Simon Schellnegger and Efe Turumtay – three extremely individual string players who are equally at home in the worlds of classical and popular music – form the core of CHROME. The string ensemble sound they create wraps itself around the audience, gradually cocooning the listener in more and more layers of delicate, moving resonance.
Peter Zirbs makes subtle use of electronic effects to weave a gentle ambience around all this, multiplying the scope of the individual instruments. And finally we hear the clarinet of Ulrich Drechsler, binding it all together.
A chance to be right there, when a new sound is born. Welcome to MuTh Lab #9 – welcome to CHROME

  • Violin: Efe Turumtay
  • Viola: Simon Schellnegger
  • Cello: Ida Leidl
  • Electronics: Peter Zirbs