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MuThgesänge (MuTh songs)
Juhu! At MuTh 1

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From Almschroa to Fiakermilli, yodelling is a real art. Like our much-loved traditional folk songs, yodelling was born in the mountains. It was the method people used to communicate over great distances, and to call their cows. Here in Austria, it is belongs to the world of folk songs; many songs feature a yodeller or a yodelling segment. This technique, which was the best form of end-to-end communication in the Alps before fibre optic cables arrived, is now undergoing something of a renaissance – perhaps because it is simply an expression of the unbridled joy of living. And as such, maybe it could help improve global understanding.

The concerts will be rounded off by tasters of regional food specialities, which can be enjoyed together with the artists once the singing is over.

In collaboration with Volkskultur NÖ

Tickets: € 33 including buffet and drinks; children and young people € 22

  • Artistic director: Gerald Wirth
  • Wiener Sängerknaben