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Georg Breinschmid, Foto Moritz Schell

Nachtdienst (The night shift)
We’re bringing in the New Year! With First Strings on Mars

* abgespielt

First Strings on Mars is a string trio whose aim is to discover new musical worlds. Jazz, classical, the music of the Balkans and Wienerlied all feature strongly in the trio’s self-penned compositions. The group comprises Georg Breinschmid, Florian Willeitner and Igmar Jenner, and they take the stage here at MuTh as the old year gives way to the new. First Strings on Mars was founded in July 2017, when the three musicians appeared together at “jazzopen Stuttgart. Come along and celebrate New Year with us! The ticket price includes a glass of Sekt during the interval.

Tickets: €48

  • Violin: Igmar Jenner
  • Violin: Florian Willeitner
  • Double Bass: Georg Breinschmid