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A concert of classical music from Kashmir / A Vienna Boys' Choir production in collaboration with the Austrian-Indian Institute

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The Vienna Boys’ Choir have been collecting songs from the countries they visit as far back as 1926, and they have been doing it systematically since 1998. Our series of productions entitled “From the travels of the Vienna Boys’ Choir – World Music at MuTh” focuses on their musical encounters with some of the world’s finest performers.

Maestro Bhajan Sopori and his son Abhay Rustum Sopori are both iconic figures in Indian music.This famous musical family comes from Sopore in Kashmir, and for nine generations now they have been safeguarding the thousand-year-old Kashmiri musical heritage. They perform on the santoor, an instrument which is notoriously difficult to play. The Soporis have developed the instrument to a remarkable extent, allowing smooth transitions to be made from one tone to the next. They are masters of both Indian classical music and Sufi music; their musical tradition is known as Sufiana Gharana.

The Soporis are known in India and beyond as the “Kings of the 100 strings”. Together with the Sufi songstress Ragini Rainu and the Vienna Boys’ Choir, they will interpret Indian songs such as “Buddham Sharanam Gachhami” and the Qawwali song “Man Kunto Maula”, composed by Amir Khusro in the 13th century. .


Young people: 20/15/9 €; Adults: 27/24/21 €; Box seats 37 €

  • Santoor: Pandit Bhajan Sopori
  • Santoor: Abhay Rustum Sopori
  • vocal: Ragini Rainu
  • Tabla: Durjay Bhaumik
  • artistic director: Gerald Wirth