Musik & Theater

Neue Wiener Stimmen (New Vienna Voices)
Presented by jeunesse in collaboration with MuTh

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Love? Who loves who, and why? Do love and reason go together? Is it possible to “not-love”? Love makes us deaf and blind, love produces children, love destroys, love gets into our stomachs and blocks our ears. And so on …
The Neue Wiener Stimmen grapple with these and other issues as, on various levels, they challenge themselves and the audience with the question of what love truly is. Can we get to the truth of the matter this time?

Works by Johannes Brahms, Pierre Passereau, Herwig Reiter, Stefan Kalmer, Carl Orff and others.

Tickets: Band A € 27 / B € 24 / C € 21
Children and young people: € A 13.50/ € / B € 12.00 / C € 10.50 €
Tickets available online at or by calling (01) 505 63 56

  • musical director: Christoph Wigelbeyer
  • stage director: Claudia Bühlmann