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New Angels
Musical theatre for one tenor, two dancers and baroque ensemble, based on the novella by Edgar Allan Poe:

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Musical theatre for one tenor, two dancers and baroque ensemble, based on Edgar Allan Poe’s novella “The Black Cat”

A man without a name is sitting on death row awaiting his execution. He has been charged with murder. He has killed his own wife. But we should understand that he didn’t do it. What happened? What did he do? And he starts to tell his story – the story of the black cat.

Luxembourger film and theatre director Frank Hoffmann, together with Martin Haselböck, the distinguished Viennese organist and conductor, and Virgil Widrich, the unconventional film and multimedia artist, has developed a piece of theatre which combines music and dance and transcends traditional genre boundaries. It features arias from cantatas by J. S. Bach which will be familiar to audiences around the world. Set against music by the Englishman David Sylvian, the noted Luxembourgish dancers Sylvia Camarda and Jean-Guillaume Weis portray the road to ruin taken by the desperate murderer in Edgar Allan Poe’s powerful novella and explore the very abyss of his soul.

The audience can expect a performance full of opposites and extremes – Baroque ensemble and multimedia, Bach and Rock – with drama, dance and song.

A charity event presented by “Rotary Wien-Süd” (Rotary Club, South Vienna branch)

€ 80,- / € 48,-

  • music: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • music: David Sylvian
  • overall concept: Martin Haselböck
  • Overall concept & direction: Frank Hoffmann
  • Overall concept, staging and visualisation: Virgil Widrich
  • animation: Prodeus Oleg
  • costumes: Katharina Polheim
  • singer: Christoph Genz
  • singer: James Oxley
  • dancer: Sylvia Camarda
  • dancer: Jean-Guillaume Weis