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Neues Wiener Krippenspiel Foto: Moritz Schell

New Vienna Nativity play 2018
Return of the hit production

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This tale of a journey to meet the baby Jesus is both funny and profound. An actor sets out with a number of questions on his search for a new understanding of Christmas. His encounters with Mary, Joseph and the shepherds open his eyes to what the Bible story of the birth of Jesus really aims to tell us, and prepare him for his personal meeting with the baby in the crib.

As the narrator, Julian Loidl assumes a wide range of roles. Time and again he manages to surprise and touch young and old alike. At his side are a pair of musicians who are capable of serving up every musical style — including rap. And then there are the affectionately friendly animated characters. They don’t just want to interact with the actor and the musicians, but with the audience as well!

Tickets: €5

  • Book and direction: Otto Jankovich
  • Narrator: Julian Loidl
  • Graphics: Mart The Dart
  • Animation: Ralf Ricker
  • Animation: Paul Gößerer
  • Guitar: Philip Erasmus
  • Cello: Clemens Sainitzer