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Florian Teichmeister Florian Teichmeister, Foto © Anna Hawliczek

New Year Concert 2019
With Florian Teichtmeister and the Camerata Schulz Wien chamber ensemble

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Following on from last year’s sensational success, for New Year 2019 we stay with our mix of music and poetry. With a selection of moving, witty and intelligent texts from home and abroad, Nestroy Prize-winner Florian Teichtmeister reflects in humorous fashion on the Old Year, the New Year, and the “golden heart of Vienna”. The members of the Camerata Schulz Wien ensemble provide musical support in their usual sensitive fashion.

Join us after the holidays to kick off 2019 in style, here at MuTh! The ticket price includes two glasses of Sekt: one served before the interval, and one afterwards.

Tickets: Band A €50/ B €45/ C €40; box seats €60

  • Readings: Florian Teichtmeister
  • Chamber ensemble: Camerata Schulz Wien