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New (Y)Ears Concert
“Breinerata” – Jazz Trio meets chamber orchestra

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“OK then! Take care! See you back here in another 20 years!” It’s two decades since Breinschmid and Schulz packed their classical music suitcases and travelled across Europe, Asia and America. Since then, they have each followed different musical directions. And now they’re back together again, right here in Vienna.

The Georg Breinschmid Trio and Camerata Schulz Wien, a 22-piece orchestra, perform the music they have discovered over the years. In this music, the fluid boundaries between classical and jazz have been blurred or removed altogether. With pieces specially arranged for jazz trio and orchestra, the listener can access familiar favourites via new routes. Works by Bartok, Brahms, Mozart and Johann Strauss have been merged and fused with Breinschmid’s own compositions with intelligence and sensitivity.