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Nicole Beutler Nicole Beutler, Foto: © Caro Strasnik

Nicole Beutler & Bernhard Schir: Dekadenz und Doppelmoral – Decadence and double standards (in German)
Reading, with music by Strauss and others

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Two modern-day stars of stage and television take us back to those wild years of the 1920s. They offer us a glimpse into contemporary attitudes, interspersed with music of the period from Franz Bartolomey on cello.

Raoul Auernheimer: Die mondäne Frau
Arthur Schnitzler: Weihnachtseinkäufe (from Anatol)
Raoul Auernheimer: Wiener Klatsch
Music by Johann Strauss Fritz Kreisler and others.

  • Narrator: Nicole Beutler
  • Narrator: Bernhard Schir
  • Cello: Franz Bartolomey
  • Piano: Christoph Traxler