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The “die Reihe” ensemble

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In this cycle of four concerts, the “die reihe” ensemble links contemporary domestic musical composition with its counterparts in north and northwest Europe. Most of the works being performed are by British or Scandinavian composers. Despite their global renown and repute, they rarely feature in local concerts. This cycle therefore offers an opportunity to become familiar with these works, or to compare interpretations. Alongside selected music by both the younger and the more mature generation of composers, the Austrian contribution also includes a piece by the ensemble’s founder Friedrich Cerha, who celebrates his 90th birthday this year.

Friedrich Cerha: Serenade (2006/07) for the Brett Dean Ensemble: Recollections (2006) for Ensemble Bernd Richard Deutsch: Oboe Concerto (2009) Mirela Ivicevic: Dominosa FFOOFF (2008) for Ensemble Dieter Kaufmann: Canto LXXXI from “Prova e Concerto” Op. 8 (1967)

Tickets: € 13/ €9

  • Moderator: Teresa Vogl
  • Leader: Christian Muthspiel
  • die reihe
  • Soprano: Elisabeth Sykora
  • Oboe: Paul Kaiser