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Northern Lights II The “die reihe” ensemble at MuTh
The “die reihe” ensemble at MuTh

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The “die reihe” ensemble links contemporary Austrian musical composition with its counterparts in north and northwest Europe. Most of the works being performed are by British or Scandinavian composers. Despite their global renown and repute, they rarely feature in local concerts. So this cycle offers an opportunity to get to know their work better
or to compare interpretations.

Harrison Birtwistle: Cortege. A ceremony for 14 Musicians (2007)
Friedrich Cerha: For K. (1993)
Iván Eröd : Alterslaunen (Moods of old age) Op. 86 (2009/10)
Witold Lutoslawski : Slides (1988) for 11 performers
Kaija Saariaho: Solar (1993) for large Ensemble
Mark-Anthony Turnage: Eulogy (2003) for Viola and Ensemble

Tickets: €13 / discounts: €9

  • die Reihe
  • Conductor: Alexander Drcar