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Justus Neumann Justus Neumann

Nur Böses (Nothing but evil – in German)
Justus Neumann reads Nestroy and Kraus (in German)

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From the lowest forms of meanness, to humankind’s potential for evil on an apocalyptic scale: texts by Nestroy and Kraus serve as powerful weapons in battling the folly of those in the grip of fear. From this starting point, we must either stop being actors in this play, or find a way to penetrate deeper into the conscience, the mind, the neural connections of other people, so we can disrupt old patterns and promote healthy self-criticism.

Let us experience this again first-hand. Let us create together an energy inside the concert hall that delivers a knock-out blow to all that is shallow, superficial, uncritical, lazy, corrupt, conformist, outdated and loveless, and banish these things to be forgotten forever.