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Ö1 Klassik-Treffpunkt
Live from MuTh – discussion guests with Ö1 editor Albert Hosp: Muth Director Elke Hesse, Gerald Wirth and Uli Soyka / Vienna Boys' Choir

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The much-loved Saturday morning radio broadcast, live from MuTh.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir represents many things: a piece of Austrian musical history, professional vocal music, a joyful sort of elite training centre for the Austrian classical scene, the biggest tourism magnet far and wide, singing and playing, uniforms and football kit, a wonderful atmosphere and a tough regime of daily rehearsals. How all these aspects are brought together is worthy of explanation.

In many respects the Vienna Boys’ Choir is a true Austrian classic – so it’s high time for a “Klassik-Treffpunkt” programme broadcast live on Ö1 from MuTh, with conversation, CDs and live music. Ö1 editor Albert Hosp’s discussion guests include the Director of MuTh, Elke Hesse, the Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, Gerald Wirth, and drummer Uli Soyka, who has been teaching at the Choir’s school for many years.

As well as CDs and musical chat, there will of course also be a live appearance by the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Free admission