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Acies Quartett, Foto: Emir Memedovski Acies Quartett, Foto: Emir Memedovski

Ö1 Musiksalon – Der Erfinder (The Inventor – in German)
2020 concert series, in collaboration with the OeNB

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Why is it that two of the finest composers of all time wrote two of their greatest works for the same format — two violins, viola and cello? It was certainly no accident!
And who was it who invented that format? A certain Joseph Haydn. We take an exclusive peek into the workshop of Haydn the inventor.
JOSEPH HAYDN: String quartet No. 2 in C major, from the Op.20 “Sun” quartets
Free admission. Booking essential. To book, visit:
* Recommended for children aged six and over


  • Ensemble: Acies Quartett
  • Violin: Benjamin Ziervogel
  • Violin: Raphael Kasprian
  • Viola: Jozef Bisak
  • Cello: Thomas Wiesflecker